Chemicals & Coolants
In-House Lab
Our lab has the ability to :
Test coolant for...
Bacteria content
Tramp Oils
Test water supply for...
Mineral hardness
Cutting Tools, Inc.was founded in Houston, Texas on April 1,
1981. We are a distributor of cutting tools, abrasives, carbide
inserts, coolants, deep drill & treepanning products, deburring
tools, cold rolling units & wheels, saw blades, gages and
measuring instruments, and drills serving the oil and gas
industry in Houston as well as world wide.

5050 Ashley Court
Houston, Texas 77041
Telephone (713) 466-0088 / (800) 475-8665
Fax (713) 466-7722
Master Chemical Corporation
Coolants & Cleaners

Komet Drills
We offer a full line of carbide
inserts, tool holders, drills,
reamers, face mills, thread mills,
end mills, gages and measuring
instruments, abrasives, deburring
tools, deep drill & treepanning